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We are experienced in the structuring, negotiation, and documentation of aircraft and engine leasing and finance arrangements, including secured lending, operating leases,  finance leases, cross-border leases, progress payment facilities, and warehouse facilities. We can help not only with original lease and financing transactions, but also the restructuring of such arrangements, including those involving multiple aircraft and multiple leasing or finance parties.


We assist in all aspects of the purchase and sale of new or used aircraft and aircraft engines, including preparing or reviewing and negotiating letters of intent, brokerage agreements, purchase and sale agreements, exchanges, and other transaction documents and structures. Prior to the transaction, we will advise you on the most advantageous ownership structure and delivery-related issues, and on aircraft title registration requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the International Registry, and/or the jurisdiction in which the aircraft is to be based.


We coordinate aircraft title searches, title transfers, ownership registrations, and lien searches and releases with the FAA and the International Registry. We also advise companies on the most favorable ownership or leasing structure to limit liability and minimize adverse tax consequences while complying with FAA regulations.


We are also pleased to offer corporate secretarial functions, legal forms development, and contracts management services.

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